Sunday, May 21, 2017

Results from Fractured Gym's Fists of Fury

Quickly, here are some results from last night's amateur boxing card in Tremonton, Fists of Fury, sponsored by Fractured Gym: (If any more results, and any corrections needed, let me know)

Main: Jon Bryant (Lights Out) decisioned Austyn Bronco (Fort Hall) 155

Jordan Jones (Louies) decisioned Todd Pacheco (Foleys) 155

Jonathan Montelongo (Reyes) decisioned Jesus Saldana (All Heart) 125

Jonny Chavez (Fractured) defeated Cole Kunzler (Foleys) 115

Ike Makinnon  (KC Boxing) decisioned Dylan Bahena (Lights Out) 65

Saul Gamino (Fractured) decisioned Vinnie Apodaca (Foleys) 85

Christian Zavala (Unbreakable) defeated Hector San Juan (Reyes) 135

Diego Liedecker (Unbreakable) defeated James Cox (Lights Out) 65

Aaron Garcia (Unbreakable) defeated David Satter (Three Brothers) 80

Emilio Lopez (Sergeant Boxing) defeated Orland Carassco (KC Boxing) 105

Llad Holman (Unbreakable) decisioned Adrian Gamino (Fractured) 80

Natawnie Hernandez (Alpha Boxing) defeated Cynthia Rivas (Louies) 105

Marco Murillo (Reyes) defeated Kaleb Cutler (Three Brothers) 115

Giovanni Gonzales (Lights Out) defeated Valentene Sanchez (Unbreakable) 65

Francisco Colohua (SSLC PAL) defeated Kambon Iverson (Three Brothers) 125

Jorge Sanchez (Unbreakable) defeated Santana DeCarlo (All Heart) 135. This bout was voted Fight of the Night.

Elias Rivas (Sergeant Boxing) defeated Noah Liedecker (Unbreakable) 65

Isaac Lopez (Alpha Boxing) defeated Adriano Benn (All Heart) 125

Austin Garcia (Unbreakable) defeated Damin Weiblehous (KC Boxing) 55

Jose Menchaca (Sergeant Boxing) defeated Jesus Delgado (SSLC PAL) 85

Sergio Sanchez (Unbreakable) defeated Ozmanny Sanchez (Lights Out) 75

Refugio Arrellano (Colorado) defeated Jesse Brown (All Heart) 132

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