Thursday, July 27, 2017

SteelFist 51 card Friday night, Horn card in Ogden next month

Tomorrow night is SteelFist 51 in Salt Lake City. It starts at 7 pm at Riverbend Sports and Event Center. Main bouts are listed above in the poster. We have interviewed both AJ Garcia and Troy Dennison. The entire card is listed here. Your blogger would love to be there but he works on Friday nights. We will be keeping an eye on the results and share them. 


Some news on boxer Jose Haro's recent opponent, Daniel Franco. By the way, although he faces many challenges, Franco, has recovered well from an injury that was life threatening after his loss to Haro. You can read his dad's latest post here. (There is still opportunity to donate to help Franco)


Jeremy Horn's Elite Fight Night will have an MMA card on Friday, Aug. 11 at the Weber County Fairgrounds. We hope to have a photographer there. Thomas Hughes, a member of the USA kickboxing team, will be fighting his first pro MMA bout. Hughes is undefeated in MMA. Also fighting will be Top of Utah amateur 205 pounder Eric Munoz. He says it will be his final MMA bout. We hope to interview both Hughes and Munoz over the next couple of weeks. Also, in September SteelFist has a Saturday card on the 16th that matches John Valentine against Rowdy Akers, a farewell bout for both. Here's a look at upcoming cards via the state's athletic commission.


I chatted with Julian Stevens of Lights Out gym in Clearfield and he provided an update on how some of the boxers who train there did at the Junior Nationals Golden Gloves in Mesquite last week. 
"James Cox, 65 pounds, Dylan Bahena, 65 pounds, Oxmanny Sanchez, 75 pounds, all fought great for only training for six to eight months. They all lost but learned a great deal at the tournament. Preston Tiffany won his first fight and fought Randy Canaday, whom he beat at the national Junior Olympic finals to win the tournament. (He) lost a close decision," Stevens said.

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