Thursday, May 17, 2018

Chats with Larry Gomez, Christian Aguirre, Francisco Alcantara

On Saturday, May 26, Imperial Boxing Promotions, headed by Trifon Petrov, of California,  returns to the Davis Conference Center, 1651 N, 700 West, in Layton, for a night of boxing. The main event matches undefeated Utahns Larry Gomez and Christian Aguirre for state middleweight rights. The pair will also be fighting for another title, the AmericanBoxing Organization’s regional middleweight title, according to Juan Curiel of the ABO.

A bout between Aguirre (winning a bout, at left, below) and Gomez (scoring a KO above) has been long anticipated and has gyms across the state buzzing with talk of who will prevail. Aguirre, in a recent state super-middleweight title fight, took a close nod over previously undefeated Bladimir Estrada. Gomez, who had an impressive amateur career, won a state title recently, stopping a previously undefeated opponent, Donald Griffin.

Utah Fight Game blog will be ringside for the card, which starts at 6 p.m. I’ll be reporting on the bouts, and Charles Presnell will be taking pictures. At the end of this article we have comments from both Gomez and Aguirre, as well as comments from local boxer and MMA pro, Francisco Alcantara, who also fights on the card.

According to Josh Morales, of Imperial, here is an update of the card 9 days before fight night. Amateurs: Jonathen Montalogo vs Rena Mendoza is one bout. Mateo Holt and Jay Wright are scheduled to meet opponents. Rocky Mountain Golden Gloves champs  Michelle Maya and Jon Bryant are scheduled to meet opponents.
Here’s the pro show: 122 pounds, Julio Martinez vs Jair Nava; 170 pounds, Enrique Ojeda vs Francisco Alacantara; 147lbs Anthony Ayala vs Justin Morales; and the main title belt between Gomez and Aguirre.

STEELFIST MMA FRIDAY NIGHT: Before we get to the interviews with Aguirre, Gomez and Alcantara, SteelFist MMA has a good pro/am card on Friday, May 18, in Salt Lake City. The doors open at 6 p.m. at the Union Event Center with heavyweights Eric Iman and Samuel Sprauer in the main event. A very intriguing co-main matches flyweights Miles Welk and Nicholas Clem for the professional promotional belt. A pro lightweight bout matches Nathan Kearsley against Idaho’s Kerry Lattimer (fighting for the third time in three weeks). There’s a whole night’s worth of bouts. It’s at 235 N. 500 West. The card, without Lattimer as replacement noted, is here.

BACK TO INTERVIEWS: Both Aguirre and Gomez were presented with the same questions. Gomez chose to be more brief in his responses. They are both good fighters and great individuals and we wish them the best.


The most important reason why this fight means everything to me is because I get to show of my Heavenly Fathers name (CRISTO) in front of a big crowd. What motivates me most about this fight is that the odds are against me because my opponent hits super hard so it motivates me to wake up and run up the mountains. I just want to shock everyone once again because I know I work harder than he does. He may hit harder but I know I work harder.  (Photo below shows Aguirre, at right, sparring at the gym)

My fighting style is more old school like great legends such as Gene Fullmer, Roberto Duran. Marvin Hagler, Julio César Chavez Sr, Jake LaMotta, and Rocky Marciano. My opponent’s strengths are his speed and power but … I know I have more heart than him to make him quit ... I only had one amateur bout but he’s had a little bit over 60 amateur fights. I used to spar him and he’s the real deal but I know that I won’t be alone in the ring that night. 

My training consists of waking up early in the morning and running up at the state capital and up the Ensign Peak. I do a lot of sprints to mimic the intensity of the bout and countless workouts later in the day. I’m also sparring with a few people for this bout such as Shilo Platts, Francisco Lopez, Julian Ruiz, and Nate Kearsley. I’m literally putting everything I have into this and I know the results will be good this May 26th. Huge shoutout to gyms such as BFit, Lights Out Boxing, Fullmer’s Boxing, UFC Gym, UCTC, Hidden Valley, KO Reyes Boxing, and Louie’s Boxing for molding me into the fighter I am today. 

Being a fighter has improved my life by keeping me disciplined and away from trouble. I used to street fight a lot growing up in Jalisco, Mexico. I used to fight for money and beat kids up in order to buy chips or soda. I also got my first knockout as a 4-year-old against a bigger kid than me when we would fight in the broken-down bricked houses. 

I grew up very poor and hungry but also angry because my biological father left me when I was just two years old. I would fight in elementary school all the way through high school until I ended up at the hospital once because my own friends jumped me but I made sure they ended up at the hospital also. After all that drama happened I decided to go into boxing and I don’t regret a single minute of it. I know I was born for this and I’m not afraid of any man with two arms and a chin.

After winning this fight against Larry Gomez 6-0-0 (6KOs) I will show off my Heavenly Father’s name to the world because I know my purpose is greater than money and fame. I used to be the weakest one in the gym. They used to drop me and bully me in that ring but it only made me stronger. I’m just ready to show the lake that Goliath is just a man. I’m just ready to become a world champion after this Great War with Larry. I give my God all the glory and I thank my family and everyone who is supporting me or has helped me in the past. This one’s for the underdogs! 

... Tony Fulilangi and Rick Manzanares are training me. Tony fought Big George Foreman.


I don’t really want to give out my information  but … I’m training harder than ever and I’m 100 percent ready. I’ve never wanted to knock someone out more in my life after all the crap he talks. He’s finally gonna’ get what he’s got coming. Team Gomez is finally back and I always go for the knockout; that’s my style -- knockout punching. (photo below shows Gomez with handlers after winning state title)


I’m stepping back in the ring because I want to try and make something happen; … I love fighting and I’ve been a striker in my MMA fights. My style will be the same, an aggressive approach and everything will be thrown with bad intentions.

I’m training with Danny Garcia and getting my sparring sessions in with The Pack members at Foley’s gym as well as Justin Roberts, my longtime friend. ... I don’t know much about my opponent but I just see him like any other opponent I’m coming to put him out.

I've enjoyed watching Cisco Alcantara fight for a long time. The best of luck to him and all the boxers that night. It’ll be great to see professional boxing back north of Salt Lake City. There’s another pro/am boxing card in SLC on June 1 from Flash Academy at The Complex. Bladimir Estrada will be on the card.

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