Saturday, January 28, 2017

'Silent Assassin' suffers first MMA loss; Bradshaw boxing match falls through

Former Salt Lake City amateur MMA fighter Aubree "The Silent Assassin" Thompson suffered her first loss Saturday night in Salem, Ore., -- Thompson's home now -- when she was stopped at 1:32 of round one via an armbar by Cheyanne Vlismas, of Las Vegas.

The bouts was available via Facebook Live. Vlismas, 7-6-1, the more experienced fighter, scored a quick takedown of Thompson, 6-1. Thompson rebounded well, climbing the cage and moving her body over Vlismas', gaining a takedown. Thompson even managed to slam Vlisma's head onto the floor.

The action, with Thompson still on top, moved back toward the cage. The ending happened quickly, and was difficult to note on the Facebook Live broadcast. Vlismas was up and celebrating, and Thompson, who appeared to have injured her arm, was attended to by medical personnel. She was able to stand by the referee for the raising of Vlismas' hand, also congratulating her on the win.

Bradshaw shows up to fight a no show.

MMA professional Trever Bradshaw of Farmington also is a professional boxer with a 1-0 record. On Thursday, he accepted a late call to fight Adrian Taylor, 185 pounds, 3-0, in Phoenix, Ariz. After the blood tests were done, Bradshaw flew to Phoenix Friday morning to fight that night.

Alas, no fight occurred. According to Bradshaw, Taylor was a no-show, and the hurried fight offer resulted only in short visit to Arizona. Disappointing? Of course. But at least promoters know that Bradshaw is reliable if asked to fight on any notice.

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