Thursday, January 19, 2017

Talking with boxer Larry Gomez, MMA fighter Nathan Owens

I have wanted to chat with undefeated Utah professional boxer Larry Gomez (seen above after a win). The Midvale boxer, who hopes to be in the ring again next month, is 6-0. He had a strong amateur career as well. He answered questions that included his goals in 2017 and his training methods and fighting style.

GOMEZ: "I was back in the gym a week and a half after my big win over undefeated Donald Griffin (in December). My plan is to fight every other month. I will be fighting toward the end of February. 

"As much as I'd love to fight here at home there's much bigger opportunities for me to start traveling and showing my talent to the world and maybe some day become champ of the world. To get there I will do my best to stay undefeated this year.

"My goal is to have six to eight fights this year then work my way on to ShowBox The Next Generation. My next fight may be in Chicago next month. I plan to stay at 147 (pounds) for the rest of my career.

"I'd like to thank everybody who has helped me; my uncle, Gary Gomez, for getting me where I am today. Michael Hermosillo for being there and providing a nice gym (Hidden Valley MMA) for me to get ready in, and all the sparring partners who have been there for me: Michael Gomez, Jose Haro, Jon Bryant, and many more from Utah."

Gomez concludes by expressing his appreciation to his fans and reiterating his desire to win a world championship one day. We express our thanks for him chatting with the Utah Fight Game blog.


We mentioned that Fierce Fighting Championships is Saturday in Salt Lake City. It's at the Utah State Fair Park, 155 N. 1000 West, SLC. The card, doors open at 5:30 p.m., can be found here. Samson Phommabout was scheduled to fight in the main event but the card has been changed. Now Race Sawyer will fight Mike Hamel for a promotional belt, five rounds scheduled.

A couple of amateur bouts with fighters from The Garage MM gym are intriguing. Alonzo Salas (The Garage) fights Mitch Ramirez at 180 pounds, and Ha'va Nathan Owens (The Garage) fights Daniel Arellano (both are undefeated) at 125 pounds. I've known Owens (photo below) for a awhile and was kind enough to chat briefly about the fight.

OWENS: "I have a tough fight coming up this weekend. (My trainer is Dave Castillo). I've had to make sure that everything I'm doing is on point. My fighting style is (traditional) MMA.

"I love it all. In a year from now, I would like to see myself as (amateur) champion of my division; undefeated.

Thanks Nathan, and good luck Saturday.

TIDBITS: Next week we'll have more on SteelFist's February 18 card. The promotion announced on Jan. 18 that it will have four cards this year at the Riverbend Sports Complex in Salt Lake City. Also, MMA pro John Valentine, who matches female MMA fighters, plans to announce some future bouts as well as a five-bout contract for one MMA fighter, soon.

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